"Enelacas is world leader in paints, machines and rubber´s sheets printing technology"



ENELACAS, S.L. is the world leader in manufacture of paintings, machinery and technology for painting  sheets of Neolite and Eva, used for soles of Footwear. Every finish that you can imagine do to Neolite´s sheet, is posible to get using  chemical Products and technolgy for painting from ENELACAS.

Actually more than 50 manufacturing plants of Neolite and EVA are using our inks and machines, producing more than 3 millions Neolite´s painted sheets, around the world every month.

This fact allows us to offer an extensive experience  for our customers inside this especial manufacturing process, and make our systems and solutions unbeatable .

Our I+D+I department is developing constant new products and process  to make possible new finishes of imitation to the natural skin. Have you seen something new in market recently? It has been developed by ENELACAS SURE!!!


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